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GRIP's main menu


When GRIP runs it first displays its main window and a separate window containing a list of currently opened images (initially this list is empty of course). The main window is quite small because it simply contains a menu bar, logo and copyright and version information. If it becomes hidden behind other windows it can easily be brought to the front by typing Ctrl+G (Command+G on Apple) from any other window of GRIP.

GRIP's main window    

 The main file menu

The file menu of the main window  

 The batch menu

The batch menu

The batch menu provides a way of applying the same processing to a sequence of images. GRIP sets no particular limit to the number of images which may be processed (though a limit may be imposed by the system's standard file selection dialogue). The images are not displayed in most of these processes (except for the slide show), to save time, but a progress message is shown while the processing takes place. If the processing results in new saved images they are always given modified names, so the original files are not overwritten.

The batch menu is described on a separate page.


 The configuration menu

The configuration menu  

 The main help menu

The help menu of the main window

This menu uses the new desktop facilities of Java 6, in the package java.awt.desktop. Selecting any option except the last one (About GRIP) launches your system's default browser in order to display help from HTML files. This mechanism does not work in Java versions earlier than 6.

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