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Table of open images


This window, only one of which may be displayed, contains a table of all the image windows currently open in GRIP. Any number of rows of the table may be selected by clicking on them (using the usual conventions for Shift and Ctrl keys etc). Above the table is a menu which enables operations to be performed on the selected images. This is particularly useful for combining images: adding, averaging, multiplying or subtracting them, and various other interesting operations.

The following menus and options are available in this window.


 The file menu


 The editing menu

 The combination menu

The image combination menu on the image table

This menu enables a number of images to be combined in various ways. It is described on a separate page.


 The help menu

This menu uses the new desktop facilities of Java 6, in the package java.awt.desktop. Selecting any option except the last one (About GRIP) launches your system's default browser in order to display help from HTML files. This mechanism does not work in Java versions earlier than 6.

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