M101 galaxy in Ursa Major


 2014 Mar 23

Canon EOS 5D MkII ISO6400
SkyWatcher 254mm Newtonian, f = 1200mm, f/4.8
HEQ5 mount unguided, 66 x 64s = 70.4 minutes total exposure
2014 Mar 23 at 23:16:40-00:38:17 UT
From Rookhope 54.8N 2.1W 330m asl. Rural, almost no light pollution (3 Bortles)

This galaxy, near the end of the handle of the Plough, is about 21 million light years away. We get a good face-on view of it. It is significantly larger than our own Milky Way.

I had been wanting to rephotograph it for quite a while because my previous attempts, when there was a supernova, were severely hampered by clouds.

There are some other interesting things in this field. Is that well-defined blue/green spot above the galaxy a planetary nebula? I need to research that.


Three years earlier I had photographed a supernova in this galaxy: see sn2011fe page.

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