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NGC 6888 - the Crescent Nebula


 2011 Oct 16

The night was clear for a while to begin with but again the Moon was bright. Attempting this faint nebula was never likely to result in a great picture but I was curious to know whether it would be detectable at all. The Moon gives a blue background to the whole sky just like the Sun, but of course faint enough to allow stars to be seen. The nebula was barely brighter than that background so it took a lot of processing to get this photo. I should be able to do better when the Moon is out of the way.

Canon EOS 5D MkII ISO6400 61x30s 254mm Newtonian f/4.8 2011 Oct 16 20:49:10-21:25:27 UT
From Rookhope 54.8N 2.1W 330m asl. Rural, almost no light pollution (3 Bortles)

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