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All software contains bugs, even if, we hope, they are only extremely subtle ones. The author has tested this software to the best of his abilities to ensure that it is generally fit for its purpose of processing and measuring digital photographs.

The author makes absolutely no claims and gives no guarantees whatsoever as to the accuracy of any output from this software.

Anyone making decisions based on any output from this software has a responsibility to first convince themselves of the appropriateness of so doing. They should test the software for themselves and understand how it works, sufficiently for their needs. Source code and explanatory documentation are available for that purpose.

For now only the menu classes and the batch processor are provided as source code. This enables developers to add any options they like to any of the menus and use the API from there or do any processing of their own devising. I would like to hear about your improvements please. There is a slightly cryptic version of my email address at the top of this page.

I am also willing to discuss possibly releasing the full source code: tell me what you would use it for. I am keen to help others in this field.

Download the source code of the menus here (58 kbytes)

Download the complete API documentation here (1.7 Mbytes)

If you have the JDK version 7 or later (free from Oracle's Java web site) you may compile these sources for any Java platform and extend them for your own purposes with the aid of the explanations throughout this site.

GRIP is written using features of Java 7 but not the new features in Java 8, so the version 7 JRE and JDK are sufficient.

When discussing with others GRIP or your results from it, please mention

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