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Comet C2017/T2 (PANSTARRS)

This comet promises to be quite bright and circumpolar in the northern hemisphere. For this reason I have generated the following charts to help follow it.

Pointing to stars or date-labelled comet positions on each chart will show ephemeris data. The date-labelled positions are for 0h UT on those dates.

Sample star data
Star identifier, from Hipparchos/Tycho data
Visual magnitude, V
(variable stars are indicated)
Colour index, B - V


Sample comet data
Julian day, JD
Right Ascension
Distance from Sun, r
Distance from Earth, Δ
Angle from Sun, elong
Estimated magnitude, V

Stars shown in green squares have similar colour index to the Sun and so could be useful for magnitude comparisons.


NB: The magnitude could turn out to be very different from the estimate

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